decorative painting

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JULY 2016 – completion of a project for a flat


Testimonial from my client:

“I’m very glad that someone has introduced me to Amrita; and I asked her to do some pictures on the walls for me, ’cause she’d showed me the work she had done in the past. I’m very happy with what she had done with my flat – the rooms are now comfy; I feel more relaxed and my insomnia is gone. Before I had trouble sleeping – now I look at the moon and fall asleep quickly.”

John Alger (pictured above), Paignton

JUNE 2016 – bedroom project, the main circle is 58″ (147cm) wide


MAY 2016 – completion of the sitting room project

decorativepaintingmay2016_01 decorativepaintingmay2016_02 decorativepaintingmay2016_03 decorativepaintingmay2016_04 decorativepaintingmay2016_05 decorativepaintingmay2016_06 decorativepaintingmay2016_07 decorativepaintingmay2016_08 decorativepaintingmay2016_09 decorativepaintingmay2016_10 decorativepaintingmay2016_11 decorativepaintingmay2016_12 decorativepaintingmay2016_13 decorativepaintingmay2016_14 decorativepaintingmay2016_15 decorativepaintingmay2016_16 decorativepaintingmay2016_17

greenwaves pebbles paintingwall02 paintingwall01 greenbar orangescalewall

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