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Recorded live on SoundArt Radio, 25th October 2015

• The Rays of the Sun

• Let Us All Be United

• Phenomenal Times


Recorded live on SoundArt Radio, 27th September 2015

• Devon Song

• It’s But A Dream

• Flowering Fern

Extracts from some of my poems and songs…

Life is a magic fairy tale.
It is a brew of heady ale
We drink from ornamented chalice
In Wonderland with friend of Alice.
Life is a magic Fairy tale.
It is a boat with scarlet sail.
Sometimes it’s small, sometimes it’s grand –
It sails to Never Never Land…

from Life is a Magic Fairy Tale

Yellow Brick Road strewn with flowers –
We’re waking up to latent powers
Riding astride a Unicorn.
You plan it all before you’re born

from Life is a Search for Holy Grail

You’ll enter real states of consciousness sublime;
Walk through the hidden gates and conquer space and time!
You’ll recognise the sign, you’ll gain the clear sight.
You origin’s Divine – you are a Child of Light

from Child of Light

The Truth will take you to a place within
Where the sun is always shining and the trees are always green.
And you’ll know that for your joy you don’t have to look too far –
For the grass can be as green exactly where you are.

from Happiness

It is Love that’s unbounded by the jealousy chains,
And despite what has floundered – it forever remains.
It has no condition;  it’s untainted by doubt.
It awaits recognition and it’s always about.

from Love

You think you’ve found an answer in external validation,
Because it helps you face the world without trepidation.
To low self-esteem it’s tasty food – recharging your flat battery,
Because it really feels so good – as you succumb to flattery!

from External Validation

What a joy’s to be invited as an honoured guest
By a troop of Fair Folk exquisitely dressed!
What a privilege to visit the Court of Annwn:
To drink from golden goblet and to lick a golden spoon,
And to dance to hearts’ content to the sound of Magic Lyre
With the Spirits of the Air, Water , Earth and Fire.

from Away with the Faeries

When you’re done with strife that the past was bringing
Celebrate your Life dancing and singing!
With your Love and Compassion as a guiding force
Discover the passion in finding your course;
And don’t look back except for the healing –
Stay on the track your Future is revealing.

from Remember the Love

Love and fear – they’re both so very near.
But if you choose to base your acts
On the Truth’s eternal facts;
If your Love will stand in aid of –
You’ll have nil to be afraid of.

from Never the Twain

To delve into mystical world of the plants,
To walk with the Giants and in the footsteps of ants;
to dance with the grasses; to sing with the Spheres –
The world is not what it really appears!

from To See…

A negative thought of jealousy and hate
With envy an fear connects as a mate.
As a dark cloud they hang in your atmosphere
Creating still more jealousy and fear.

from Choose the Divine

The Gift of Dance, the Gift of Move – expressing your emotion –
There is no need at all to prove – it’s poetry in motion.
The Gift of knowledge of the plants – insight into their Mystic –
So many precious gifts it grants  – inspiring artistic!
There are so many other treasures – too numerous to list!
The Joy is yours without measures –
Once by the Angels you’ve been kissed!

from Gifts

You’ve been searching for your Grail
Through the tempest, snow and hail.
Fearlessly blazing trail
In the silence of the night!
In the empty void of night,
In the landscape cold and stark
You decided to embark
On your journey to the Light!

from  Knight in Shining Armour

We are all Rays of Eternal Sun –
No matter what’s the difference – the Source is One.
The Rays are all equal, but depending where they fall
Uniqueness manifested comprehensible to all.

from Rays of the Sun

A thought can be called – Mind in action.
And expanding mind will resist the contraction,
Which fear can impose on a limited mind –
As thought are attracted to their own kind!
So assert the Power of your existence –
Call the Angels to your assistance.

from Call the Angels

Why is the World organised the way it is?
What is the way to attain the perfect bliss?
We are finding out just how it feels
Striving relentlessly to higher ideals;
Seeking the knowledge locked within
To understand the world we’re living in.

from Nature of Reality

It will quench your thirst for knowledge – cascade in luscious rains.
It will take you through mundane up to the higher plains!
It will lead you through the deserts of most barren waste
And suddenly you’ll find yourself most fortunately placed!…
It will show greatest riches to the one who truly seeks,
It will lead you through the canyons to the mountain peaks.
If you’ve been drifting to and fro without apparent aim
You’ll find your path and then your life will never be the same!

from Voice of Intuition

In Spirit we’re all connected, and Energy and Mind!
Oneness of all Life – a clear fact!
And we are always affected, but often too blind
That we don’t see the effect of every act.

from Let Us All Be United

Find the Knowledge locked inside you.
Don’t believe that ignorance is bliss.
Most important never let it guide,
Or you’ll get sucked into abyss.
Would you like to fulfil your mission?
It is possible if only you believe!
Listen to your voice of Intuition –
Stop surviving and begin to live!

from The Family of Light

I see myself in many people
Searching for the Truth and deeper meaning.
From foundation to the steeple –
Different structures – similar leaning.

from Oh! What a Life!

Crow, crow do you know how to get to high from low?
How to alter our perception – to escape the great deception?

from Crow, Crow

Don’t cry in the depth of desperation.
There’s Hope on your horizon, and
Soar high on the Wings of Inspiration –
It’s an incredible sensation – and you will understand:
Although the Truth in meant to be easily revealed –
It can be harder to find than grass in a field!

from Grass in the Field

Urban dweller – be on your guard:
Away from Nature hearts grow hard.
Kick off your shoes, with your bare feet
Escape with Joy the jungles of concrete…
We’ve got to put a stop to senseless plunder
That causes desolation and strife.
We’ve got to fall in love with ceaseless wonder
With all manifestations of Life!

from Flowering Fern

There is a Hope that springs eternal
That we’ll get to the seed biting the kernel.
That we’ll gain understanding of Nature’s tune.
And the Earth is demanding that we do that soon.
And my Love for the Earth is a hopeless addiction;
And the strangeness of real surpasses all fiction.
And when things don’t go right we can smile through our tears
For the Ultimate Truth will banish our fears;
As the World is so strange – so very strange!
Far stranger than it appears!

from So Very Strange

I hear an echo whisper from the past –
A wise ancestral teaching:
If we don’t heal our Earth at last –
The results will be far reaching.
It’s time to kiss every flower and a tree
And bow to standing stones hailing thee
On the Old Straight Track.

from Old Straight Track

To the one who panics and looses his plot
Quantum Mechanics will tell what is what.
And if you’re open and take it on board
You’ll learn some facts that can not be ignored.
The Truth that’s been long known by the mystics
Is being confirmed – check the statistics.
So don’t make haste and dismiss these rhymes –
We are living in phenomenal times!

from Phenomenal Times

And we traverse the eternal sands,
Which we see in the shades of grey;
Until we get to the Rainbow Lands,
Then we rise – up, up and away!

from It’s But a Dream

As we’re lost in contemplation in the silent reverie,
We receive a revelation that our Spirit’s ever free.
We embarking on our trek on which we fall into a trance’
Where the Nature spirits beckon us to join them in their dance…
And the ponies are still grazing on the lonesome windswept track.
And the stones are upon us gazing – their memories intact.
And the Joy to be right here and right now is sublime –
To be blessed with vision clear, to be lost in space and time.

from Devon Song


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