A new book & six new calendars!

GREETINGS TO YOU, you wonderful Tree-huggers and Rainbow-chasers!

Now that we have entered September, the year is gently winding down and the fruits of 2018 are ready for harvest. Some of those fruits I am offering to you now, and I think they are delicious!

NEW BOOK: Lyrizo

Many of you know that some while back I lived in Greece, where I did decorative painting, collected folk tales and wrote songs. A few of those songs were in Greek, a language heretofore unknown to me. But I felt compelled to express my feelings about Nature and Spiritual Growth.

And here is the product – a little bilingual book called Lyrizo. It means ‘I’m playing the lyre’; and LyraLyre in Greek – is, of course, the root of the word lyrics.

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While living in Greece and also on subsequent visits I took lots of pictures. Those pictures, as well as photos taken by a friend, inspired a series of calendars – six to be precise.

The calendars, as well as providing stunning images, also give dates for New and Full Moons, Eclipses, Equinoxes, Solstices and those notorious Mercury retrogrades – things which are good to know!

Let me take you through them…

Firstly a Lyrizo calendar which perfectly complements my new book (above):

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Fabulous Seascapes and Arcadian Dream are images of Ionian Sea with its islands and Arcadian countryside. These two calendars are a joint effort.

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Then I had to do one with Wild Flowers of Greece

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Next – Expressions I, which is of my painting – both wall art and on canvas.

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And finally Expressions II – bits of songs over paint and digital effects.

Full versions of the songs can be found in the previously published The Dance of Life book. Below though is a sample from the calendar:

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The Launch of both Lyrizo and The Dance of Life will take place in November. The date will be posted, early that month, on facebook on The Folk of the Twill page.

Signed A3 prints of the paintings featured in Expressions I and pages from Expressions II are available upon request – on paper or card.

Due to those unexpected projects, the revision of the third Twill book had been delayed – but now it’s full steam ahead; and only after its publishing I’ll return to The Elemental.

And then, there’s the Under the Gaze of the White Chalk Horse, the fourth Twill book and a few other things hiding in the pipeline……

I’ll keep you updated. Oodles of Love and Heaps of Bright Blessings!


new: The DANCE of LIFE!


Happy Vernal Equinox, beloved Tree-Huggers and Rainbow-Chasers! With all this freezing weather ushering in the New Astrological (and Twill) Year, here is something to warm your hearts and cosily snuggle in bed with – The Dance of Life – a little book (111pages) of inspiring and inspirational lyrics and rhymes.

(click to view larger)

(I could not resist from including a selection from The Folk of the Twill trilogy, including the last book!)

The first song was written around 2000 and the last one – Under the Gaze of the White Chalk Horse – only a couple of weeks ago (and more about that one later!).

At the moment, there are no plans to make it into an e-book, and I’ll be busy elsewhere: Hopefully, the last of The Twill Trilogy will come out this year. I have started on the revision, but got side-tracked with this and a couple of more projects, including The Elemental.

You can get The Dance of Life by following the link below. See also The Folk of the Twill Facebook page. And if you are ever in need of uplifting your spirits – it’s a perfect book for that; or you can even try using it as I Ching.

Wishing you a wonderful and magical year! Much Love and Bright Blessings to you all,


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Book 2: Between Two Worlds!


Another year has flown – and what an amazing and a busy year it has been! As it comes to an end, I’m very happy to announce that BETWEEN TWO WORLDS is out, at long last! Yes, the second book of The Folk of the Twill trilogy is finally published and ready to face the limelight!

Its first draft was penned between 2012 and 2013; and after that, there’s been additional writing and editing, then more writing and editing, and writing and editing again. There were also alterations and then changing some of it, back to how it was in the beginning! It has been a lengthy, sometimes exhausting, but always a rewarding process for me; and I hope you’ll find it worthy of your wait.

(click the cover to view it larger)

In BETWEEN TWO WORLDS, we revisit the Twill and are reacquainted with Jack Cornwood – the hemp farmer, his friend Clay Dock and the other fabulous personages of the Twill. But it would not be a Twill story, if something totally unexpected didn’t happen. And it does – so we go to new places and meet new characters – some lovely, some loathsome, and some in between; but all very colourful (even if they are not).

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I wish you all a Happy Yule and a brilliant New Year! Meanwhile, I return to the third book…

First written in 2014, it is ready to be expanded and edited; edited and expanded some more, and expanded and edited again. There are probably going to be some alterations, and then some of it will be changed back to how it was in the beginning! I hope to bring it out some time next year.

Bright Twill Blessings,